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Unwanted Puppies part 3

posted 8/10/2008 5:44:24 PM |
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I finally got a chance to use that coupon for a free meal that Mr. Kim had givin me. I went there about 6 in the evening on a tuesday. It was not busy and I got a booth right away. My waiter gave me the menu and I ordered some hot tea (my favorite) I opened the menu only to find that it was entirely in Korean, made me wish I had stayed awake in korean class in high school. My waiter returned with my tea and of course he did not speak a whole lot of english, so with a lot of pointing and grunting I tried to convey that I wanted whatever he recommended. I guess he got the idea, he smiled, took my menu and returned shortly with my meal. It was a plate just loaded with vegetables, noodles and meat. The first bite was heaven. The veggies were crisp, noodles with a hint of soy sauce, but the star of the show was the meat. It was so tender, so flavorful, so melt in your mouth, it was as tender as veal but only better. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Mr Kim and called him over to my table. I told him that the food was wonderful and asked how the puppies were and if I could see them. He face became distorted as he practically screamed at me.....PUPPIES GONE.....YOU CANNOT SEE PUPPIES.................
My mind raced as a million thoughts ran through my mind.....OMG? WTF? WHAT HAPPENNED TO THE PUPPIES....the meat I was chewing on became rancid and putrid in my mouth. I just wanted to spit it out...........................................

...............Kims son who spoke better english than his dad ran over to the table to finish telling what his dad could not. The puppies had come down with a bad case of worms and were at the vet getting taken care of. They would be back tomorrow. I was so relived that they were getting good care. I told Kims son that I would stop by the next day to see them. I sure did miss those little rascals. So I stopped by after work and as soon as I walked into the restaurant Kims son saw me and ask if I wanted to see them. I said sure, where you hiding them? They were keeping them in a back room of the restaurant and as soon as he open the door they saw me and started running toward me. They had gotten so much bigger now, and they looked so happy. It was great that Mr Kim was taking good care of them. They even had some playmates to keep them occupied. Mr Kim had all these cages back there full of kittens. And they were getting along wonderfully. As I was leaving I thanked Mr Kim and his son again, and his son told me to be sure to stop by next week. It was going to be the Korean year of the cat and they had many special menu items planned. I told them I could not wait and that I may eat there every night

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Aug 10 @ 6:09PM  
I love the puppy series.I like to way you lead us all on and cause us to jump to the wrong conclusion.the. The best part is of course the ending where all our concerns suddenly become mute. Bravo!!!!!!!!!

Aug 10 @ 10:30PM  

Aug 11 @ 2:15AM  
* authors note: no puppies were hurt in the making of this blog*

Aug 11 @ 9:04PM  
Ya almost had me again! Not sure I want to know about the kittys though..............


Aug 17 @ 8:46PM  
This was excellent....

Aug 22 @ 9:16PM  

I am sure Mr. Kim will share with you the next he cooks up a meal for you that dog’s penis, like many other kinds of animal penis, is used in Chinese medicine. It is believed to boost a person’s Yang, and therefore might be useful to men suffering from impotence. Not that applies to you but I heard it's Mr. Kims special frome time to time. After all, he has ? posted on his front door.

Also, next time order yourself the dog-soup noodles. The noodles bark at yeah! *smiles*


Sep 8 @ 1:22AM  
So have you ever tried kitty chow?

Jan 15 @ 12:32AM  
Very Cute!! I enjoyed it!!

Feb 7 @ 4:39AM  
Oh my GOD! I was holding my breath the whole time I was reading the story!!! I am a HUGE animal lover and I just KNEW something bad happened to those babies!!! Great read.....and LOVED the ending!!!

Feb 26 @ 4:40AM  
They really do need a "barfing" smilie on the smilie list~ hehe

Aug 21 @ 1:27AM  
Mr. Kim sure likes his domesticated animals. That's a lot of... pets.

Nov 13 @ 1:37PM  
Yep, You are a brat...But funny...
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