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~"Two Moons"~~and Planet Mars this month**-?

posted 8/18/2008 6:02:03 PM |
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.....................There will supposedly we have
Two Moons this month -the whole world is waiting for it!!
on August 27th....
Planet Mars will be the Brightest in the Night Sky-starting in August.
It will ..look as large as the Full Moon.
to the naked eye.
This will culminate on August 27th ..when Mars comes...witin
..................3465million miles off Earth
Be sure to WATCH the sky ..on AUG 27th at 12 30 am
It will look like the EARTH has 2 MOONS...
THE NEXT Time ....MARS comes this close .. is in ..2287..!
[no one alive toda will ever see it again ........

food for thought:).........................................

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Aug 18 @ 6:31PM  
I will looking forward to see that , last sunday I was in the pool at my friend house watching the moon and I saw one planet( my friend told me) it look so bright but not in a round shape, look like airplane btu it stay still right there next to other stars.

Aug 18 @ 6:49PM  
Thanks for the heads up. I like stargazing!

Aug 18 @ 7:36PM and our vast communication system's bullshit.
Mars at the present time is on the far side of the sun.
It's closest approach was in 2003 and is not due again until 2287.

Now back to our regularly sceduled broadcasting.

Aug 18 @ 9:04PM  
Hey little lep......yep I am waiting for the days come.....I can't wait......


Aug 19 @ 6:18AM  
Thanks for the information ...I'll get my binoculars out...

Aug 19 @ 10:13AM  
it will be a breathtaking scene ....imagine earth with 2 moons?....
we are really lucky....hope that hubble or any other TELESCOPE work on bringing us pictures of that phenomena....

Images from NASA ...>>> Image of the Day Gallery

Thank you for sharing....

Aug 19 @ 12:41PM  
At its all-time closest approach to Earth, Mars was still 140 times farther away than the Moon, so there's absolutely no chance of Mars ever "looking like a second moon." At that distance, only the most powerful home telescopes will even allow you to see visible disc.

Look at it this way; put a honeydew melon on a fencepost 10 feet away from you; then put a pumpkin on a fencepost 1,400 feet away from you. Now, look at them both from an angle that puts them side by side, and you'll see that the pumpkin looks like a very tiny orange dot compared to the honeydew melon!

To put that into perspective, the difference between melon and pumpkin will be even greater than the difference between "O" and "."

In order for Mars to "look like a second moon," it would have to pass within a million miles of Earth (basically, 3 to 4 times the distance from Earth to the Moon, due to the scale difference between Mars and our Moon) at which point the tidal forces generated by having another large planetary mass pass that close to our own world would cause unparallelled damage in the form of unbelievably massive earthquakes (>15-20 on the Richter scale) and miles-high tides which would be MORE than sufficient to destroy our entire civilisation, and almost certainly causing a mass extinction event on a par with the infamous "Dinosaur Killer" of 65 million years ago!

No, my friend, I'm sorry to have to burst your bubble, but there won't be any "two moons" in our sky anytime soon, for which we can all be heartily grateful!

Just my .02's worth, sincerely, "Mac"

Aug 19 @ 3:48PM  
Mac's right but mars will be almostt as bright as Venus is normally. It's still a pretty good show. Just not two moons.
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