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On Marrying Your Cousin....

posted 8/21/2008 5:47:42 AM |
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People married their own cousins since ancient times and even today. Sometimes 1st, 2nd or 3rd cousins marry are advised to marry; sometimes they love each other; in any case, there are various personal reasons they marry. In other countries you can marry you cousins. Mexico, Canada, and all European countries DO NOT prohibit first cousins to marry. You can also marry your first cousin in America in 26 states including Puerto Rico; and most people can marry their cousin in other states as well. Only 16 states do not permit you to marry your cousin at all. U.S. prohibitions against cousin marriages predate modern genetics (think about this). Only the U.S.A. among the entire world have marriage restrictions with cousins (probably came from puritans? I don't know.).

The Hebrew Bible is not against cousin marriage as long as they are not from the same womb because there can be a brother/sister who are also cousins. So, it is not incest if 1st cousins married. Having retarded kids is an American myth and false ideology (usually some uneducated Americans say, "Oh, there is a high percentage of a chance for birth defects!" ).

Here are some famous people who married their cousins:

-Mary and Joseph in the Bible were first cousins (Matt. 1:16; Luke 3:23; Deuteronomy 25:5-6).
-Prophet Muhammad and Zaynab bint Jahsh
-Thomas Jefferson
-Albert Einstein his cousin Elsa Einstein (double cousin)
-H.G. Wells Isabel Mary Wells (1st Cousin)
-Charles Darwin and 1st Cousin Emma Wedgwood
-Governor Rudy Giuliani Regina Peruggi (2nd cousin, "It was 14 years of bliss....I miss my Rudy-Patootee," she says.)
-Franklin D. Roosevelt married Eleanor Roosevelt (2nd cousin)
-Edgar Allen Poe at age 25 married his 13 year old cousin, Virginia Clemm.
-Johann Sebastian Bach
-Queen Victoria
-Aemilia Lanyer married Alfonso Lanyer
-Jessie James and 1st Cousin Zerelda Mims
-Jerry Lee Lewis at age 22 married his 13 year old 2nd Cousin Myra Gale Brown.
-Issaac married Rebekah (Genesis 24:12-14)
-Jacob married both Rachel and Leah (Genesis 28-29)
-The Torah does not forbid cousin marriages (Leviticus 18:6-18)
-Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha
-First Prime Minister of Canada, Sir John A. MacDonald and 1st Cousin Isabella Clark
-Werner von Braun and 1st Cousin Maria von Quirstorp
-There is even a website dedicated to cousin couples.

There is only a 4% risk of bith defects with children of related parents or first cousins, and this risk is not big enough to justify any bans on 1st cousin marriage. This means that 94% to 96% of the time nothing is going to happen when 1st cousins cousins have sex to procreate verses a 98% chance in all other cases! Children of unrelated parents have a risk of 2% (but that is just like all the rest of humanity!).

Southerners are known well to marry cousins and I know cousins who are married and have healthy babies in New York. It seems that it is a purely American concept by ignorant people who may have something against cousins marrying, when we've been doing it for a long long long time.

What about Loving versus Virginia court case in 1967 that allowed marriage between interracial people? Did you know that Cousin couples have a less chance of miscarriage than non-related couples?

So, what do you have to say? Please don't just say, "Oh.. icky" or "That'scary." What does that mean? What are your principles? Queen Victoria married her first cousin and sometimes marrying cousins is mandatory for Jewish tribes according to the Bible. 55% of Pakistanis in the UK marry their cousins. Is bad genes your worry? Then why not ban all people who have bad genes from marrying someone else with bad genes? What about cousins who do not have bad genes or a history of serious genetic birth defects?

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Aug 21 @ 7:57AM  
With any type of breeding such as in animals, genetics do come into play eventually. If cousins continue to keep breeding with cousins for example lets say cousins marry and then those cousins marry and so on, eventually there are going to be genetic problems, so why bother? With all the people in the world, can't you find someone to fall in love with that's not related to you? Whats the problem? There are breeding programs with horses, dogs, cats, etc because they do pick up traits, and it's the same with people, you can believe it all you want that they don't have problems but at some point because you do bring up risk, there is a percentage of risk, there is some, why bring a risk on to a child that you can avoid? There is enough natural health risks already without deliberately adding another? Thats why when you go see a doctor they always ask for your family's history of heart disease, cancer, etc. because chances are you might be prone to it too, now you just add another problem to your child and it's your fault. I'd say go look for a mate not related and give the child a better start on life if you have a choice. If you look back through History many Kings, Queens and those people were nuts or crazy and mental btw. tc Lost

Aug 21 @ 8:23AM  
So, which cousin do you want to marry?

Aug 21 @ 9:15AM  
Just because its legal in most places doesn't make it right. Why on earth would someone want to marry within their own family. Apparently incest isn't as big a deal to some. I don't care if its your first cousin or your 4th cousin, hell or even your bother or sister, its gross. Point blank. Its gross. Not to mention, that eventually there will be birth defects, or health problems. "Lost" said it best. They ask you for your family medical history for a reason when you go to the doctor. Why would someone want to endanger the live of someone else just b/c they are selfish and want to marry their relative.

Aug 21 @ 9:37AM  
I know a very wealthy family that does in-breeding. I have noticed that their eyes are very close together on their faces and they look semi-autistic.

I'm not kidding!

Aug 21 @ 10:09AM  
I know a very wealthy family that does in-breeding

Yep...they've ruled England for a long time!!!

Aug 21 @ 11:02AM  
There is no way I would marry any of my cousins...I love them and all, but considering my grandmother and her sister married brothers we are closer related than regular cousins...

...I think it's wrong.

I also grew up with neighbor's who were 1st cousins that married. They had 2 sons, both were learning disabled and had other problems.

Aug 21 @ 11:41AM  
Don't care what all you critics say. I'm callin' my cuz right now. Why look for a perfect woman when there is already one in the family? Plus, just think of how much I'll save on wedding invites.

Aug 21 @ 11:53AM  
ok, Blogger1, if most of my 1st cousins are female and some places allow gay marriages, should I marry my cousin and get on the bandwagon?

but mostly, I think inquiring minds would like to now having read your other blogs, are you the child of this type of marriage?

Aug 21 @ 2:38PM  
Read my blog
Kissin cousins

I did a blog on this back in February.

Aug 21 @ 6:47PM  
HAHAHA!!! I like all your answers. Some of ya'll should tell your biases to our former NYC major, Giuliani. Somebody said, Why marry you cousin? Well, why marry a complete and total stranger?

imlost2 has a point that when a population has a small gene pool the gene mutation can become more frequent. But the problem is not who is related to who but who has what gene. You can end up marrying someone that you totally do not know and end up with the same problem, especially if it is your own race. According to Professor Alan Bittles, "...even non-cousin marriages carry higher risks of these rare genetic disorders because those involved are from the same "biraderi" or clan." So, the question really is who has what gene? Should everybody be required to go for genetic testing? Should we all be against Same-Race marriages now? The NEW Conservative movement.

According to the book "Clinical Genetics Handbook” by Arthur Robinson and Mary G. Linden, second cousins have little, if any increased chance of having children with birth defects. Most arguments posed against cousins marrying is based on fear and outdated evidence.

Actually "poeticcougar," I would never truly know if I am a child of this type of marriage. I have Cherokee ancestors, Jamaican/Arawak Indian ancestors and slave ancestors. My mixed American father married a Jamaican that produced me, but they were not close cousins.

imlost2 said: With all the people in the world, can't you find someone to fall in love with that's not related to you? Did you know that nobody on this planet is related beyond the 50th cousin? I guess we all are commiting incest if one wrongly defines incest as marrying a cousin. That is not accurate. We are all related.

Kinfolk, did you know that simply marrying within your own race increases the odds of birth defects? So, more Caucasoids (caucasions) should stop marrying within their own race and get married to brown-skinned people (or Negroids). We should banned the KKK and similar groups just because they are promoting inbreeding within their own race. Bachelor available here (I am mixed with three races, so I should find a martian to marry). I have no traces of family diseases. Everyone say "I" for banning same-race marriages.

Honestly, how many of you know your great-grandmother's uncle's grandson? How many of you know who all of your 4th cousin are? What about those people who donate sperm twice a week? How about women who donate eggs?

I can't believe someone actually mentioned 4th cousins! I don't even know who my 4th cousins are. They are most likely Asian, Native American, Black, or Jamaican. That only leaves me to marry a white cousin.

The risks are practically the same as any other couple when it is 3rd cousins. LOL! Sure, my mother divorced and married some other guy and then one of my friends became my cousins. That is the only 3rd or 4th cousin I know. I did not think someone would actually be against marrying your 2nd cousin.... that is just a joke and a lie! You are joking, right? I know some cousins here in NY that got married in a church and they had a healthy baby. Rudy Giuliani on the list above was our former mayor.

If you are going to ban cousins from marrying, whether it is 8th cousin or 50th cousin or 2nd cousin, then you might as well ban anybody with a genetic disorder from marrying someone else. If someone has lupus, they should be banned from marrying another person with lupus. I think there is gene therapy available in case people do have genetic disorders like that. How does that work?

So, let's put a bill out there for banning same-race marriages. Let's mix America and become more diverse! Let freedom ring! Let the birds sing! To infinity and beyond!

Aug 22 @ 2:09AM  
I totally agree with mixed race marriage's...not only would it make our gene pool much stronger but bring together many diverse cultures and make all ours lives that much richer. Good idea Blogger 1...

Aug 22 @ 3:56AM  
If you ever met my cousin, you would KNOW why I don't wanna marry her!

you know, just because some famous people have done it, doesn't mean it's a good idea... Tom Cruise is into Scientology, does that mean we should ALL get into it? K-Fed married Brittany, clearly THAT was a good idea. Paris Hilton thinks she is running for president now, so we should all just run right out and vote for her right? Even SMART famous people have bad ideas... Ben Franklin wanted the TURKEY to be our national symbol... can you imagine?

The Bible also says wearing a cotton blend shirt is an abomination (read Leviticus), and that we should "go forth and multiply" with no set limits on our progeny. Clearly if we keep on multiplying we'll run out of room (or at least resources) and why CAN'T a shirt be made from blended materials??? No, can't take the Bible's ideas as "all good" either...

Personally, I'd rather not risk having kids with the ears of Prince Charles, playing banjos on the front porch, and talking to imaginary blue gypsies, ESPECIALLY here in Arkansas. It's just not a good idea.

On the other hand... I DO like the idea of having actual "races". If we all had to marry outside our own race (as you suggested), pretty soon (in a couple of generations or so) there would only be one medium brown race. We may be headed in that general direction anyway. No blondes to make fun of, no red heads, no darker skinned blacks, everyone would just be a medium brown... kinda dull if everyone is the same... oh, and if everyone was this medium brown, no one would be able to marry outside their own race anymore because everyone would now BE the same race. Actually the GOOD side to that is it would mean the end of racism, but still, I kinda LIKE the variety, ya know? LOL

In all seriousness, your post was entertaining, and I appreciate your "spin" on the subject.

Aug 22 @ 8:34PM  
Hey, everyone. I cannot edit my previous post; however, I made a slight error; well, actualy, it just seems that way visually.
I meant to put that imlost2 said: "With all the people in the world, can't you find someone to fall in love with that's not related to you?"
Then there is a break. Then I come in and state a fact in the form of a question: "Did you know that nobody on this planet is related beyond the 50th cousin?" I hope that clarifies things. Sorry for the misunderstanding if sounded a bit strange to you.

I like bringing these things up; they are never going to go away and people will alwas fight for love, just like the gays did; just like inter-racial couple did. I noticed that most of the negative comments come from people in U.S. states that are currently against cousins marrying; not the 26 states like New York or Florida, but in places where law is updated with the facts such as how most babies born to first-cousins are healthy.

Jan 6 @ 7:24PM  
Blogger1 You Have Made allot of mistakes.....I’ve heard few people say that they don’t understand why people would have family difficulties with their 2nd cousin being in love with each other....and you say “I did not think someone would actually be against marrying your 2nd cousin.... that is just a joke and a lie! You are joking, right?”

Why wouldn't they, you make it sound like 2nd cousins are distant cousins when they are not. they are the children of your parents 1st cousin which would give a lot of reasons why people would be against the problem, put it in this situation your 1st cousin are the nieces and nephews of your parents which means they are the kids of there brothers and sisters, so what about there grandnieces/nephew , which would be the kids of Ur 1st cousin and then you have your kids and then they become 2nd cousins. we share enough blood and genes with our 2nd cousins.

And then your there saying that every body is related, Blogger1 I wouldn't consider 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000002 percent related. Eventually their is no room to share with each other of whom is not related to us.
First And Second Cousin Should be banned to marry. You wrote that this person said this and this person said it is safe to have kids with there seconds cousins because its just like an regularly woman who is carrying a child who can get birth defects. That's what they say. DON'T BELIEVE THE WORDS FROM OTHER PEOPLE UNLESS YOU GOT PROOF IN REALITY!!!!!! I no you got all those information about second cousins being okay to have babies with and first cousin to have babies from the computer, but i did some research myself and i found a lot of information of the opposite, i found out that a lot of people had kids with first and second cousins Because they wanted to keep the family tree closer and guess what!!! They had to face the consequences of not seeing there other relatives that they have a close relationship with or even having a child who later died at an early age or who later got a disease because there parents were cousins or Grandparent and So forth..
I Am Only Here to say that it is safe to have babies with third cousins and so on but it isn't safe to have a child with Ur second or first cousin even if the risk isn't high enough. to answer your question about who would no there Great-Grandparent's Uncles Grandson (Your Great-Grandparents Uncle Would Be Your Great Great Grand Uncle).......Your Great-Grandparent's Uncles Grandson would be your parents Third Cousin. (Thats all u had to say instead of puting it in such complex matter.) And Alot Of People Would Know There Parents Cousins which is the good thing cuz it keeps the family together.
The Real Question Is would You Marry Your First or Second Cousin?
Cuz It Seems Like You Want Every one to try it or at least sleep with you feel guilt cuz u did something that makes you feel good..(I No That Part Didn't Make Any Sense LOL....) Im Not Being Rude Its Just I Dont Like The Fact That Alot of People Thinks Of A Cousin Sexy Looking, I Dont Like The Fact That People Dont Cared If They Share Blood. You Make It Sound Like We Should Have Sex With Our Second Cousin, or Even Closer. Alot Of People Who Would Do There Great, Gran, Parents Are Definitely Sickening, Also There Brother or Sister Half or Not, Aunt or Uncle Half or Not, Grand Uncles or Grand Aunts Half or Not, First Cousin or There Children Or Your Second Cousin Are Just Sick People.(Well There Not Sick People There Just People Who Don't Care How It Can Affect There Children or a Later Descendants When They Have A Best Friend Bond With The Close Or Distant Cousin.)
It Doesn't Matter Because You All Are Connect To The Family Tree.

Nov 2 @ 2:34PM  
First off, I say that you can't help who you fall in love with. Secondly, if you read the bible, then everyone would be related because of Adam and Eve. So, how is it that the people who are married aren't related? How can you say it is sick to be with someone you are related to when the bible basically says everyone came from the two same people? Many people have married within their family, many famous people as well. If you have ever fallen in love, you should know that you can't stop that feeling. The person you be awful, an addict, an abuser, perfect, family, best friend, a complete stranger, but in the end, no matter what it is about them, you are drawn to that specific person. If somehow you fall in love with your cousin, who is the rest of the world to stop you from being with your love? If you yourself one day are in the same predicament as the people you are telling not to love their cousin, wouldn't you want people to let you be who you are and be with who you want? Um, Duh! Yes you would. So, leave the other lovebirds alone. Let them be free to love who they want. If I offend anyone, i'm sorry.
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