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Save the constitution
Yep it is time that the real people get involved in this election. The dam republicans have been infected by a criminal virus.
First it was their doctrine--to make sure the rich own 95% of money and...More...
0 comments | 0 kudos | 15 views | 3 hrs 30 mins ago


Donald Trump Is Going To Be The Next President
Donald Trump is going to be the next president. Can you feel it?

Time to get on the Trump train.

The next election isn't just about Democrat or Republican, it's about the survival of the Americ...More...
1 comment | 0 kudos | 24 views | 4 hrs 54 mins ago


America Has The World’s Most Predatory “Victims”
What’s the difference between a bully and a victim? It seems like a simple question, but in America’s victim-obsessed culture, the bully is often the supposed victim. As Voltaire said, “To learn who r...More...
0 comments | 1 kudo | 34 views | 6 hrs 51 mins ago


The good things about America
Well, you know how it is...I'm a major self-confessed critique of the US. I have no excuses, none. I tell it the way I see it...please or offend, that's me.

However, I'd like to point out some thin...More...
2 comments | 0 kudos | 37 views | 7 hrs 32 mins ago


Apparently, some believe god told them to scam
just got this one;
I am Mrs Carley Rose a God fearing person and the holy spirit directed me to contact you.
I know that we haven't known or come across each other before
2 comments | 1 kudo | 60 views | 12 hrs 5 mins ago


The Donald
{image omitted; click title to view}
7 comments | 0 kudos | 96 views | 18 hrs 58 mins ago


Today I Set Sail
I'm going to be a Bahama Mama for the next few days since the boss if forcing me to go have fun! The ship sails at 6 tonight, boarding starts at either 1:30 or 4. I need to be at my friends house b...More...
8 comments | 3 kudos | 97 views | 19 hrs 1 min ago


to Wander,,,[quote]
.*" Not All those who
are LOst**

quote,,,of J R Tolkien
author of..*Lord of the Rings*
an interesting thought
7 comments | 4 kudos | 71 views | 19 hrs 23 mins ago


Ronald Reagan...a true legend!
Classic quotes from the last decent leader of the free favourites here...

The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help.

It has ...More...
15 comments | 0 kudos | 107 views | 21 hrs 58 mins ago


Why Online Dating Sites are Advantageous for Indians?
{image omitted; click title to view}
{image omitted; click title to view}

Indian dating sites are sprouting up by the hundreds today, which only goes to sh...More...
0 comments | 0 kudos | 43 views | 22 hrs 53 mins ago

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Ronald Reagan...a true legend!
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Apparently, some believe god told them to scam
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