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ground control to major ......
pom Tom...
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don't even try to lament how your blogs are not being commented on....More...
11 comments | 0 kudos | 151 views | posted Aug 19, 2017 9:43 AM


Looking for woman
I'm a honest 22 years old looking for that special woman I work hard like to train after working love out door activities and spending time with family and geting to know other people??
0 comments | 0 kudos | 32 views | posted Aug 19, 2017 9:06 AM


Cover Bands...
tagged: famous, music, records, money, blog
Most musicians start out by memorizing songs from famous musicians of the time. For me, it probably was instrumental American 'Surf Music' by the Ventures or Dick Dale. Soon after surf music got pushe...More...
3 comments | 1 kudo | 90 views | posted Aug 19, 2017 12:38 AM


Trump resigniation
The resignation of Trump is the hope of many; however, he is too dam dumb, stupid, Ignorant and full of shit to do the USA a favor like that. Pence is just as bad as Trump and is in the middle of this...More...
1 comment | 0 kudos | 69 views | posted Aug 19, 2017 12:23 AM


house cleaning
The question is who is next. The white house west wing is full of snakes and king bigot snake is gone.
so when will his sluts go??? You know the but bone ugly blond sluts. ...More...
4 comments | 0 kudos | 108 views | posted Aug 18, 2017 2:39 PM


Are we on the Cusp of our 2nd Civil War ?
tagged: civil, war
Well are we ? The country is as divided as I have ever seen it in my lifetime. In the 1860's the country was deeply divided. Back then it was a Northern State versus Southern State division that culmi...More...
26 comments | 2 kudos | 308 views | posted Aug 18, 2017 1:44 PM


"Trump to resign"
tagged: trump, news, author, contest
For background music to read the blog by, go here;

or simply click here

The actual author (...More...
10 comments | 4 kudos | 157 views | posted Aug 18, 2017 12:30 PM


At least the great state of Texas
and real texicans... are not rewriting history..

The people of Texas, by deputies in convention assembled, on the fourth day of July of the same year, assented to and accepted said proposal...More...
2 comments | 0 kudos | 69 views | posted Aug 18, 2017 12:06 PM


In Rebuttal
Since i don't come on here much anymore I felt this may be the best way to deal with Simp's claims that what I said was wrong. This is what he had issues with.

The ignorance is rampant these...More...
11 comments | 2 kudos | 140 views | posted Aug 18, 2017 11:20 AM


Lies, lies, and more lies!
Tell ye lie long enough,
and often enough,
and distorted enough,
and ye rats will soon,
nibble on ye cheese.

Ye pied piper beith CNN,
it beith payback and ye karma,
beith a bitch.

18 comments | 1 kudo | 191 views | posted Aug 18, 2017 10:53 AM


1st and formost......consider the source....
and all of his sources are tabloid trash rags......

that he takes as gospel...

what an IDIOT.....

yeah...I wasted my one hour per blog rule...on this trash...
1 comment | 0 kudos | 69 views | posted Aug 18, 2017 9:43 AM


Craig, Dan Craig
Double oh seven just re Upped. By the way, this is a blog ! Imagine that.
So eYe was reading this stoopid newspaper and decided to weigh in with my considerable gibberings. Have you ever noticed that...More...
12 comments | 1 kudo | 174 views | posted Aug 18, 2017 9:39 AM


Charlottesville Police: We Were Told to “STAND DOWN” to Ignite Race Riot
tagged: police, stand, down, race, riot
“We [Charlotesville police] were ordered to bring the rival groups together – and then…”
A Charlottesville police officer has come forward to express his outrage at being told to “stand down” by t...More...
7 comments | 2 kudos | 151 views | posted Aug 18, 2017 9:17 AM


You need God
We need the Creator, because God created us.
when we are sick we need God for healing us.when we are healthy we need God
to serve him and to have friendship with him.
God is Good and is Love . we n...More...
0 comments | 1 kudo | 40 views | posted Aug 18, 2017 3:16 AM


Lets get this thing of monuments and American History straight.

First American History--it is not a required subject. In fact you can get a degree in history and not take American History. Why--wh...More...
6 comments | 0 kudos | 87 views | posted Aug 18, 2017 1:14 AM


the truth.....plain and simple....southern history books be damned
The General Government, as the common agent, passed laws to carry into effect these stipulations of the States. For many years these laws were executed. But an increasing hostility on the part ...More...
11 comments | 1 kudo | 123 views | posted Aug 17, 2017 11:08 PM


My Gauntlet...
tagged: stupid, driver, people, blog
I didn't know the word gauntlet until the I saw the 1977 Clint Eastwood movie The Gauntlet.
By definition, a gauntlet is medieval glove (with extended cuff) or plate worn by a knight to protect the h...More...
3 comments | 0 kudos | 75 views | posted Aug 17, 2017 10:25 PM


Turn it Up
tagged: protest, fairness, equality
It is our right to protest injustice.
We have to 'turn it up' loudly
so that people finally listen.
Equal rights is much more than just a hypothesis, or a goal.
It is indeed a just "right".

I w...More...
1 comment | 0 kudos | 57 views | posted Aug 17, 2017 9:47 PM


Trump's side Kick Bannon
The easy way to describe this criminal is to say he is a racist and a bigot. It is recorded that he said that all minorities need to be deported back to Africa, Israel, and Mexico. yep he is Trump's a...More...
6 comments | 0 kudos | 83 views | posted Aug 17, 2017 8:33 PM


Embassy of New Jersey
This pattern establishes R A N G E, amplitude and frequency. In the course of human events, it is self Evident. Our punctuation is not without irony.
..... The events....( and only a few of many
3 comments | 1 kudo | 86 views | posted Aug 17, 2017 7:19 PM


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