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Why do people not read postings before they message you and say how much they enjoy you post.Please read first other wise you only get deleted so save your time as well as others.
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A Better Place To Blog
tagged: site
This isn't the only place to blog. There is another dating site that has blogs. It's called Connecting Singles. No Drac. No Pompoms. No strife.

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Collusion !
tagged: us, trump, russia, deceit
From the Washington Post today;

The web of connections between Trump and Putin, visualized

A court filing from special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s team on Tuesday made explicit wha...More...
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ah the idiot is at it again.....
reposting shit because one thinks they are right is just stupid....

a primer on local law enforcement...

their job is to protect the community from criminals that violate enforceable laws.. not ...More...
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O.C. Sheriff's Department makes inmate release dates public
tagged: sanctuary, laws
In revolt of California sanctuary law

The Orange County Sheriff's Department on Monday made the release dates of jail inmates — including those in the country illegally — publicly available ...More...
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who pays for Trump's monument
Who will pay for Trump's monument---- You white trash for sure he will not put a super tax on the rich--maybe for health care.

Speaking for health care my drug cost has went from 0 to 100 bucks fo...More...
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Old Italian Men Golf Joke
tagged: joke
Russ Buttacovoli, an 80-year-old Italian goes to the doctor for a check-up.
The doctor is amazed at what good shape the guy is in and asks, 'how do you stay in such great physical condition?'
I'm It...More...
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Stupidity and ignorance
Today I open my mail and there are around 30 pieces of mail, saying nothing. I guess it was a stupid and ignorant thing to do by a white male on here, Most likely the white trash I talk about. Well it...More...
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posting a BS plagariized blog....
does not make you just makes you and idiot...
United Kingdom[edit]
The Weights and Measures Act of 1963 made it illegal in Britain for businesses to give short weights or shor...More...
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Origins of Phrases
Not sure the source of this as it came to me in the form of an e-mail.

In the old west a .45 cartridge for a six-gun cost 12 cents, so did a glass of whiskey. If a cowhand...More...
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I believe the correct word is OBSESSION...
tagged: obsession, people, power, blog
We all tend to have an obsession about one thing or another. Some use their obsession(s) for good and others use it for evil. Internet is a tool for me. As a purchasing agent, it afforded the ability ...More...
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Deporting 60 Russians
Don't let that sex pervert fool you, these are Russians that are scheduled to return home and now Trump can sell green cards to 60 more
1 comment | 0 kudos | 57 views | posted Mar 27, 2018 12:28 AM


The difference between Hillary and Putin
tagged: politics, humor, government, funny
{image omitted; click title to view}
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6 Smart Habits That Will Lead to a Fulfilling Life
tagged: life, guidance, improve, leadership

Whom do you surround yourself with? This may be your first lesson toward a life of success.

By Marcel Schwantes

Principal and founder, Leadership From the Core@MarcelSchwantes
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I Blocked .......
tagged: trolls
A troll.....Melvin.....because it continued to be a long winded whine. He went so far as to politicize a peanut butter blog.

A trollop.... Tequero .....because decided it's ego was worth ...More...
9 comments | 1 kudo | 129 views | posted Mar 26, 2018 6:43 PM


The Court will come to order
MEMBERS of the jury, have you reached a verdict?

We have your honor....we find the dependent, er defendant, pompoms/dizzy/wingnuts/tequero/et al, GUILTY AS CHARGED, by reason of insanity.

And as...More...
20 comments | 3 kudos | 251 views | posted Mar 26, 2018 6:25 PM


law suits
Trump should enjoy being sued. He has done it all his life. Hell he even suede his brothers family over his father's wealth. His brother died from being an alcoholic, or did he. No they got nothing an...More...
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to the guy who always wants to tell us something...
don't go away mad.....( as in hatter)..

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