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Logging In [back to top]
A. Where can I get my password if I forgot it?

We will send you your password if you enter your email address here.

If you tried retrieving your password using the get password page, but it has not arrived or you changed your email address and don't remember your username or password, please submit a support ticket and answer as many of the following as possible to have us reset your password:

1. Screen name
2. Full name
3. Zip code
4. Date of birth
5. Email address used at signup

Click here to submit your support ticket.

B. Why am I being redirected to the login page after I try signing in?

Make sure you have an updated version of your web browser and that your internet settings are set to where you are accepting cookies.
If you have a personal firewall, that can also affect if you are able to logon to our site or not - depending on your settings.

C. How do I sign in as invisible?

Click the invisible checkbox inside of the login box.

If you have Auto-Login turned on you must turn it off to use our invisible feature. If you do have Auto-Login enabled, you can turn it off by clicking the sign out link located in the toolbar towards the top of the page. Then, enter in your username and password, making sure you click the checkbox for the invisible option, and click the "go" button to log in. DO NOT click the "remember me" box.

Signup Information [back to top]
A. How can I change my: Location (Zip Code or Country), Email Address or Password?

Hover over 'my account' in the toolbar, then click on edit profile from the drop down menu.
Change what you wish, making sure to click the Update button at the bottom to send and process the information.

B. Can I change my username?

You cannot change your username.

Profile [back to top]
A. How can I change my profile?

You can update and change all your information such as your appearance and your ideal match, by hovering over 'my account' in the toolbar, then clicking on edit profile from the drop down menu.

You can view your profile as other users see it, by clicking the 'view my profile' link under your picture, in the home page.

B. What is located in the edit profile page?

Sign Up
Ideal Match
My Photos

C. How do I cancel my account/profile?

Simply visit the cancel account page.
You may reactivate your membership at a later date if you would like.

D. How do I reactivate my profile?

Reactivating your account is easy. Simply sign into with your username and password.
You will be asked if you would like to reactivate your account on the next page, click the confirm button.

Photos [back to top]
A. How do I get my picture on the site?

To upload a photo to your profile, click on the add/delete photos link in the drop down menu under 'my account' in the toolbar.

B. How many pictures can I upload?

You can upload up to 15 photos.

C. When will my photo be approved?

Photos are usually approved within 36 hours (Monday - Friday, not including holidays). If more time has passed, and your photo still hasn't posted, it might have been rejected. We send you an email whenever we approve or decline any of your photos. To receive this email, make sure you have account alerts enabled in your email settings.

D. I tried to upload a photo, but it still hasn't posted. Why?

Your photo might have been rejected for various reasons.
For a list of our photo rules, please click here.

E. How do I make a picture my primary photo?

Click on the photo you would like to make primary in your photo gallery. Then click on the 'Set as Primary' in the options below the photo.

F. How do I delete a tag on a picture?
Click on the photo you would like to delete the tag from in your photo gallery. Then click 'delete' on the tag next to the picture.

Email Preferences [back to top]
A. What are Email Preferences?

Notifications you can opt to receive by email. These various mailings and alerts keep you up to date on what is going on with your Matchdoctor account and with the site.

B. Why am I not receiving email notifications?

Email notifications are sent out once an hour. If you read the message or view the wink before this email is sent out, it will cancel its' sending.
Also, check to make sure you have email subscriptions turned on. Please verify that Matchdoctor email is not going to your Junk/Spam box in your personal email.

C. How do I unsubscribe from a subscription?

Click on 'mail' in the toolbar.
Then click on 'mail settings' in the drop down menu.
Select Off beside the subscription you would like to unsubscribe from.
Click update at the bottom of the page.

D. What is the Monthly Checkup?

Our monthly newsletter packed with dating tips, articles and information about the site.

E. What is the New Mail Alert?

We will email you whenever someone sends you a message on the site.

F. What is the New User Alert?

We will email you whenever new users meet your ideal match profile.

G. The matches that are sent to my email do not match what I am looking for. How can I fix this?

Click Edit Profile from the drop down menu for 'my account' in the toolbar. Please make sure the information in "Sign Up Info" and "Basics" is correct.
If you want a match from a nearby or specific location, make sure you input this in the "Basics" section.

H. What is the New Wink Alert?

We will email you whenever someone sends you a wink.

I. What are Account Alerts?

Reminders to login if you haven't done so lately.

Account Settings [back to top]
A. How can I personalize my account?

Make changes by clicking mail settings in the drop down box under 'mail' in the toolbar.
You can receive mail and messages you want and block those that you do not wish to currently receive.
If you change your mind later, just come back to this page and change your preferences.

B. Is my email address anonymous?

Yes. We do not give other members your email address, only your username is displayed to them.
Only you can give another member your email address.

C. What are Email subscriptions?

Notifications you can opt to receive by email. These various mailings and alerts keep you up to date on what is going on with your Matchdoctor account and with the site.
These include: monthly newsletters, new mail alerts, new wink alerts, new match alerts, account alerts and local party alerts.

D. What are Blocked users?

These are users that you do not wish to have contact with. Their messages will be sent to your "Filtered" mailbox on the site rather than your inbox.
To block a user and not receive any new mail alerts from them, click the block button at the bottom of their mail.
You can block messages from certain demographics, such as married men, from emailing you. Click on mail settings in the drop down box under 'mail' in the toolbar.
The messages aren't actually blocked, but delivered to your Filtered mailbox.

E. What are Filter Settings?

You can filter out foreign users to help prevent receiving scams/spams.
You can also block according to gender, relationship status or age (demographics).
Their messages will be delivered to your Filtered mailbox.

Cancel Profile [back to top]

A. How do I cancel my account/profile?

Simply visit the cancel account page.You may reactivate your membership at a later date if you would like.

Winks [back to top]
If you would like to send something to get someone's attention or to flirt with them, you can send a Virtual Gift!

A. What are winks?

Winks show someone that you are interested, quickly, without having to send them an email.

B. Where can I view winks that people have sent me?

Click on winks in the toolbar.

C. How are the winks listed?

The newest winks are listed first.
You may view winks from the last 30 days.

D. How do I delete a wink?

Check the box in the profile of each wink you want to delete, and then click the delete button on the top or bottom of the listed profiles.

Forums [back to top]
A. What are Forums/Message Boards?

The Forums are a place on the site where you can post messages on whatever topics you'd like.
Please make sure to follow the Message Forum Rules.

B. What features are in the forums?

1. Edit Post - you will be able to edit your posts for 2 hours after making a post. Click on the blue pencil icon in the upper right of your post to edit it.
2. Search - on the main forum page there is a search box in upper left. Enter a keyword and it will search the titles of the threads. Use this to search for previous threads about a topic, so we don't create redundant threads.
3. Page Numbers - Jump to any page in the thread from the thread list page.
4. My Forums - Lists the last 50 threads you participated in. It also orders by last time you posted, rather than last time a user posted in the thread.

C. How do I start a new thread?

Click on the forum topic you are interested in posting in, then click the "new thread" button located on the upper right hand portion of your screen.

D. How do I post to the forum?

If you would like to post to a current thread, click any of the "post reply" buttons located in each post to that thread.

Blogs [back to top]

A. What are blogs?

Blog is short for "web log". It's an on-line diary or a frequently updated personal web page. Postings on a blog are almost always arranged in chronological order. The act of posting to a blog is referred to as "blogging".

B. How can I post to my blog?

You can post to your blog by clicking the post to blog link in the drop down menu under 'my account' in the toolbar.

C. How can I edit my blog?

You can edit your blog by viewing your blog and noticing that at the upper right hand corner of each post, there is a small pencil and a trash can icon. Click on the pencil to edit the post and the trash can to delete it.

D. Is blogging free?

Yes! You may post to your blog free of charge.

Favorites [back to top]
A. What are Favorites?

Favorites is your personal list made up of users you want to keep track of and reach easily. When the list is accessed, all the usernames of people you have added are displayed. Favorites is a quick and efficient tool to view who is on or offline easily.
The Favorites and Friends pages also display information about each person on that list, such as the last time they uploaded a photo, posted a blog, posted to the forums and logged in.

B. How do I know which of my Favorites are online?

A user that is online will have the person icon flashing next to their name in the Favorites window and will say 'Online Now'.

C. How do I add someone to my Favorites list?

You can add someone by clicking the button in their profile that says add to favorites.

D. How do I mail someone on my Favorites list?

Click on the envelope icon beside their username.

E. How do I delete someone from my Favorites List?

Click on the checkbox next to their username, then click the delete button.

Mail [back to top]
A. How do I send a message?

Click on the envelope icon in the member's profile.
The mail will go to their mailbox, not to their personal email account.

B. How do I read a message I've received?

From the mail link in the toolbar on top, click on inbox in the dropdown menu.
Click on the subject of a message to read that message.

C. How do I reply to a message I'm reading?

Click on the reply button at the bottom of the email you have read.
You will then be able to reply to the member who just wrote to you.
Their original message will appear below your reply.

D. What is the Cancel button used for when writing an email?

The Cancel button stops the reading and writing of an email. It does NOT cancel the sending of a message.

E. How do I see mail that I have sent to other members?

Click on the 'sent' link from the drop down menu under 'mail' in the toolbar.

F. How do I block someone from sending me email?

Click the Block button that is located below their message.
They won't know you blocked them, and you won't receive any future emails from that user.

G. How do I remove someone from my block list?

Click on 'my account' in the toolbar and then click on the 'blocked users' link in the My Account page.
Click on the trash can icon next to their username.

H. What is the Sent link used for?

The Sent link shows a member all the email they have sent out to other members.

Filtered Mail [back to top]
A. What is filtered mail?

The filtered mailbox contains the mail you chose not to receive from members in certain countries or with certain characteristics you did not want.  These options are located in the mail settings page.  By setting up a filter, you can direct mail from users that may not interest you as much to your filtered mailbox.  This makes it easier to reply to messages in your inbox from members that are of higher interest to you.

Searching [back to top]
A. My search returns very few results. What's wrong?

The narrower and more specific your criteria, usually the smaller the number of users that will show up.
You can also try broadening your search location to include a wider area. Please note that previous search criteria is saved, not cleared, from last search.

B. How does the distance search work?

You can select whether you want to search for someone based on how many miles they live from you, or you can search by country/state.

C. How do I search for someone by username?

Fill in the username search box on the Search page which can be found under the People tab at the top or on your Mail page.
The username search can be done with a partial name. In other words, if you were looking for jondoe456, you could simply type jond* into the Username search box. You can use the asterick sign * as a wildcard. This means you can fill in letters you do not know, or are not sure of, with this symbol.

D. How do I see who's online?

Click on the 'People' tab on the top. Then click Singles Online. Users who signed up within the past 7 days will have a New tag.
To view someone's full profile from the who's online page, simply click on their username.

E. What are the different ways to search for someone?

You can search by username, from Who's Online, or by using our quick search feature (on the My Home page) or the regular (more detailed) search.

Friends [back to top]
A. What are Friends?

Your friend list is a publicly viewable list of members on your profile that you consider yourself to be "friends" with.

B. How do I add someone to my Friend list?

In order to add someone to your Friend list, you must send them a friend request by clicking the 'add to friends' button on their profile. The other member must approve the request before they will show up on your Friend list. If they approve it, you will also appear on their Friend list.

C. How will I know if someone sent me a friend request?

If someone asks you to be their friend, you will in turn also receive a friend request. If you receive a friend request, there will be a little "friend" icon beside the "friends" link in the toolbar. Click "pending requests" in the friends drop down menu to go to the friend request approval page.

D. How do I manage my friends?

Click on the "friends" link in the toolbar. This will take you to your friends page. On your friends page you can delete friends and view their recent activity. You can sort your friends a few ways: by their username, last time they uploaded a photo, blogged, posted on the forums, or logged in. To sort by any of these options, click on the column's header. This makes it easier for you to keep track of your friends and their activity.

E. How do I delete a friend?

Go to your friends page by clicking the "friends" link in the toolbar. Select the friends you want to delete by checking the box beside their thumbnail. When you're done selecting the friend(s) you want to delete, click the delete button at the top or bottom of the page.

Tags [back to top]
A. What are tags?

Tags are basically keywords that relate to you or bear some significance for you. They are descriptors which you can assign to yourself. You can search for other users that have the same tag. This is an easy way to find others here with your same interests.

B. How can I add a tag to my profile?

To add a tag to your profile click the 'tags' tab on the top and follow the directions in the 'Get Tagged!' box on the right. This is where you can input the tags that will appear on your profile.

Privacy [back to top]
A. What scams might occur in any online dating site?

Foreign profiles are more likely to be scams trying to part you from your money, especially Eastern European profiles. There are legitimate matches there, but you need to be extra careful and investigate the person you are looking to date. We recommend that you never send money or any other support to any user for any reason. For more information on scams, view our Anti-Scam Campaign.

B. What kind of caution should be used when dating online?

Matchdoctor warns its members that Internet dating can be risky. We do not do any background checks of any kind on our users. Matchdoctor members should get to know their potential date well before agreeing to meet. Use common sense when setting up your initial meeting. Meet in a public place or with a friend.
If a relationship leads to sexual contact, you are potentially at risk for a variety of health hazards. We do not screen our member's health background. Make sure to consult your physician or public health authorities for safety advice.

C. Is it possible for a minor to be on the site?

Matchdoctor does not make its services available to minors. However, we do not verify ages. Thus, it is your responsibility to ensure that any relationship you have with one of our members is legal.

D. How do I report someone who is harassing/offensive?

If you know of any questionable behavior by any of our members, submit an abuse report immediately! Please click here to read our privacy statement.

E. What happens if I choose to tell-a-friend about the site?

If you choose to use our referral service to tell a friend about our site, we will ask you for your friend’s name and email address. We will automatically send your friend a one-time email inviting him or her to visit the site. stores this information for the sole purpose of sending this one-time email and tracking the success of our referral program.

Your friend may contact us at to request that we remove this information from our database.

Kudos [back to top]
A. Definition of kudos

Ku-do [koo-doh] -noun, plural -dos for 2. 1. honor; glory; acclaim: No greater kudo could have been bestowed. 2. a statement of praise or approval; accolade; compliment: one kudo after another.

B. What are kudos on Matchdoctor?

Kudos are a way to show praise or approval on a member's blog. The concept of the system is to give "kudos" to blogs that you connect with or thought were really well done. 'Giving someone kudos' means acknowledging that you approve and really like their post. Kudos are totally anonymous. Your kudos cannot be tracked back to you and you will not know who has given kudos to your blog.

C. How do I give kudos?

You can give a kudo on a blog by clicking on the green smile face icon. Each time you give a kudo, it will reduce the amount of kudos you have to give by one. Once you use up all your kudos, you will no longer be able to give kudos until you receive more.

D. How many kudos do I get?

The total amount of kudos you receive daily will be based off of different variables. If you're a new user, you may have a very low number of kudos to give. As you use and interact with the site, the number of daily kudos you receive will increase. If your limit is 5 kudos/day, you will not exceed that limit, so it is best to use them each day. If you don't use your 5 kudos, you will not get 5 more and have 10. You will remain at 5 kudos.

E. How do I know how many kudos I have left to give?

The number of kudos you have remaining are displayed under your screenname located in the header of the site.

F. Why do we have limited kudos to give?

By putting a limit on kudos, their value is increased and this should entice you to "spend" them wisely. You should want to give kudos to blogs that you felt were worth spending one of your "kudos" on.

Troubleshooting [back to top]
A. Why aren't images loading on Matchdoctor?

If you have ad blocking software or privacy software, please check to make sure that it's not blocking

BBCodes/Graphics [back to top]
A. What are BBCodes?

BBCode stands for Bulletin Board Code. This is the markup language used in formatting posts.

BBCode tags are indicated by rectangular brackets around certain words. They are parsed by the message board system before being translated into markup language (HTML) the web browsers understands.

The purpose of this code is so that members can format messages safely and easily.

B. Who can use BBCode?

All members can use BBCodes.

C. Where can you use BBCodes?

BBCodes can be used in forum posts, emails, and comments.

D. BBCode Examples

These are examples of how to use BBCodes.

bold: [B]this is bolded text[/B]
output: this is bolded text

italics: [I]this is italicized text[/I]
output: this is italicized text

strikethrough: [s]this is italicized text[/s]
output: this is strikethrough text

[s]test[/s] underline: [U]this is underlined text[/U]
output: this is underlined text

link: [URL][/URL]

link something to url: [URL=]best dating site[/URL]
output: best dating site

quote: [QUOTE]this is quoted text[/QUOTE]

this is quoted text

quote someone: [QUOTE=Matchdoctor]this is quoted text[/QUOTE]

Matchdoctor said:

this is quoted text

text size: [SIZE=5]this is big text[/SIZE]
output: this is big text

text color: [COLOR=red]Red Text[/COLOR] or [COLOR=FF0000]Red Text[/COLOR]
(Can use many different color names or hex codes.)
output: Red Text

embed image: [IMG][/IMG]

Comments [back to top]
A. What are comments?

Comments are remarks that can be made on another member's blogs and pictures. By default your friends are allowed to comment on your blogs, pictures and profile and everyone else will need approval. You can change your comment settings by hovering over "settings" in the menu at the top and selecting "comment settings" from the drop down menu.

Comment alerts will be sent to your Matchdoctor Inbox where you will be notified of new comments and will be able to approve/deny them. B. What are comments used for?

Comments can act as a mini-forum where you and your friends can discuss your blog post.

C. How can I post a comment?

If you're reading a blog, you can click on the link that says "post a comment" under the body of the blog. Clicking this link will bring up the box where you can enter your comment.

Picture comments can be added by clicking the photo you wish to comment on, then clicking the "post a comment" link just below and to the right of the picture (under the 'forward this picture' box). You can view your own picture comments by clicking the photo which has been commented on.

D. How can I delete a comment?

Comments (on both photos and blogs) can be deleted by clicking on the trash can icon in the upper right hand corner of the comment box.

Contacting Us [back to top]

A. How can I contact the Matchdoctor staff?

The best way to contact the staff is to submit a support ticket to the appropriate department.
After submitting your ticket, you should receive an email with your ticket number.
  This system allows us to track issues much more accurately.

B. What is the mailing address for

Our address is:

Online Singles, LLC
1440 Coral Ridge Drive.
Suite 435
Coral Springs, FL 33071, USA
United States

Please do not mail in photos! They will be thrown away by our sorting company.
Also, please do not send signature required mail.

C. What is the phone number for

Our toll-free message service number is (888) 366-2824. (Note: the BEST way to contact us is via the support ticket system.)
You can leave a voice mail at this number.
Most messages are responded to via email.

D. What is the fax number for

You may fax a report if there is an emergency.
Please fax your username, email address and detailed description.
Our fax number is (888) 366-2824

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