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Is Unconditional Love Extinct?

Sep 19, 2007 @ 7:12 PM Is Unconditional Love Extinct?    

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Aw, sorry to hear Soggy....
Hindsight, and all that...huh?

I love my kids and Grandkids with every part of my being.
I hope I can feel that sort of love for a man soon...
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Sep 19, 2007 @ 7:53 PM Is Unconditional Love Extinct?    

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Hindsight, and all that...huh?

Yup, 3 months into her relationship I figured it out. I developed a serious health issue and my "cool" friends got lost but there she was. She couldn't be there physically but I got a letter or a phone call every single day. It was too late for us but I learned from it.
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Sep 20, 2007 @ 8:00 PM Is Unconditional Love Extinct?    

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what do you mean that children cant love their parents as much as their parents love them.????

Read my post carefully - it states that children don't love their parents THE SAME WAY their parents love their children.
Some people post in their profiles : my children are the center of my Universe, nobody ever comes before my children ( Doesn't every parent feel this way? ) . But I never saw anyone stating the very same about his/her parents. Did you?
The point is - children are on the RECEIVING end of love. They are not meant to "reciprocate", they rather pass this kind of love on their own children sometime in the future instead.
No doubt, children love their parents back , but their love is hardly unconditional.
They love their parents for what they have been doing for them all their lifetime and for what they expect their parents to do for them in the future. On the other hand - parents who abandoned their children at birth ( or before birth in case of "runaway fathers" ), abuse or neglect their children or fail to perform their parental/spousal role in the household in any way - those biological parents hardly get any love from their children, they are even hated in extreme cases. And for good reason - they don't DESERVE to be loved. So much for "unconditional love"...
There's parental instinct hardwired into Human brain - but there's no such thing as "child instinct".
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Dec 2, 2007 @ 11:36 PM Is Unconditional Love Extinct?    

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That's simple : unconditional love is like oral sex - something everyone wants to recieve and no one can possibly enjoy giving. It's one-way street.
Hence, there's only two cases of one-way/unconditional love and both are not really "love" but rather instinct : one is mother's love to her children , which cannot possibly "stop" no matter what and therefore is taken for granted , and the other one is "doggy affection" to his master - plain stupid instinct , because the animal cannot possibly know beter than that. Some people ,indeed, can experience exactly this kind of "love" towards their partner , but it's nothing more than misplaced motherly instinct and it switches right where it belongs after first childbirth, leaving the partner frustrated for life
As for real LOVE - it's MUTUAL emotional connection/BOND which simply seizes to exist the very moment it stops being mutual. Can anyone imagine such thing as "one-sided BOND"? Bond is mutual by definition, don't you agree?

In the case of people keeping their bond after their partner departed - it's quite natural.
The absence of the partner has nothing to do with breaking the bond, it is still there no matter how far apart the partners are . It's cheating that breaks the bond , no matter if the partner is very much alive and is not away.
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Dec 3, 2007 @ 5:37 PM Is Unconditional Love Extinct?    

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unconditional love is like oral sex - something everyone wants to recieve and no one can possibly enjoy giving.

Says who?
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Dec 3, 2007 @ 5:41 PM Is Unconditional Love Extinct?    

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Dec 3, 2007 @ 5:50 PM Is Unconditional Love Extinct?    

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Says who?

That would be a real bummer, huh?
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Dec 3, 2007 @ 5:59 PM Is Unconditional Love Extinct?    

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Unconditional Love does exist...It all depends on how much you want it to. It is a two way street though. Both sides have to have it or it can't happen. Then again I am a hopeless romantic.....Keyword - Hopeless...Now if I can only find another Hopeless person out there then there will be Hope. (Two negatives make a positive, Right?)
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Dec 3, 2007 @ 8:22 PM Is Unconditional Love Extinct?    

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Unconditional Love does exist... Both sides HAVE to have it or it can't happen.

The point is,GMW - anything that "HAVE to... " is CONDITIONAL by definition , sorry ,pal

BTW,lorelei - if you care to actually READ the thread before posting , you'll see for yourself that evryone is talking about how it would be nice to be RECEIVING unconditional love from the partner - and noone seems to be willing to be GIVING unconditional love to anyone but his/her own offsprings. Here we go :

only with parents and their children,pets and their owners,when it comes to love between two people it can be ... not unconditional

I have uncondional love for my child ...can't say I've had it for a man you hurts me your gone...condions conditions

Well, totally inconditional, I would say "no"
There comes a point where enough is enough.

I also know when or if to draw the line...
... love -- and especially support -- is conditional. The one who expects or desires that (unconditional) kind of love has to EARN it....

Unconditional love in a relationship is not only undesirable, but actually harmful. In most cases it gives the other person license to be selfish, greedy and abusive. ... in a lot of cases it can be counterproductive and deadly .

It's not true love unless the unconditional love is returned in kind.
One-sided love, especially the "unconditional" kind, SUCKS big time. Why would a person do that to themselves??

Love is never unconditional. You love someone because of who they are. That’s the condition right there.

I would not stick by ANYONE who is in jail for murder or rape.

Well...warrior is sure in good position to love unconditionally then , since there's hardly any chance his woman is ever going to be in jail for murder or rape....

I have unconditional love for my parents and siblings BECAUSE they have shown me the same. I don't have unconditional love for strangers ...or even a girlfriend .. unless they "demonstrate" they are worthy of such sacrifice and affection. To do otherwise is to surrender reason...and be susceptible to being taken advantage of.

I have unconditional love for my children...doesn't mean I will always like them. ...They also knew I would never lie, cheat or steal for them, nor would I want to see them do it to or for me.
( I guess there are some "conditions"

lore as I read your post I see several conditions. they must be your children and only open heart to someone you deem right. I see nothing but conditions in your statements.
Guess they should come already taught and all perfect, then you will have less conditions?

The concept of 'unconditional love' is great!! But it's a romantic fantasy. Human beings aren't capable of such a phenomenon. If your lover pushes you over a cliff, your love for them will naturally change.

I think only dogs love unconditionally.

If unconditional love means I would change anything and everything about myself to be what someone else wants, well... I don't think I can do that and I don't expect that from anyone. If it means I would forgive them, no matter what they did to whom (including hurting me), again, sorry.

I was lucky enough to have been the RECEPIENT of unconditional love

So much for "unconditional love" ...
Do you mean that the only person one can possibly love is ...him/her own self
( children are part of us, so loving our children is , in fact , loving ourselves ) , while the only ones who are capable of loving Humans are ...animals... ???

The point is - what you call "unconditional love" is , actually, one-sided affection .
Children don't love parents the way parent love them and owners hardly love their pets the same way pets "love" them.

unconditional? Accepting anything? Nope. I know from experience that I can take a lot, but hurting my kids is beyond the pale.

I love my kids and grandkids unconditionally. I would love them no matter what they did. I might not like their actions all the time, but even if they did the most horrible thing imaginable, I would still love them.
I wouldn't expect anyone else to love me unconditionally and I don't love others unconditionally.

Should I proceed ? Enough said....

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Dec 3, 2007 @ 10:05 PM Is Unconditional Love Extinct?    

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Dec 3, 2007 @ 10:09 PM Is Unconditional Love Extinct?    

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no you should not proceed but you should find a hobby really bad
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Dec 3, 2007 @ 11:37 PM Is Unconditional Love Extinct?    

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That's simple : unconditional love is like oral sex - something everyone wants to recieve and no one can possibly enjoy giving.
This isn't the sex thread which I seldom post on anyway, but you're wrong that a person can't enjoy giving oral sex. I can't think of anything more disgusting if I don't care about someone, but when a man excites me and I care about him, I definitely enjoy giving him pleasure and that includes oral sex. I'm also pretty sure that the men who have done that to me were enjoying themselves immensely too. Evidently there are some women who even enjoy doing it to men they don't care about and I know for a fact that some men don't have to care a thing about a woman to want to perform oral sex on her even when they're told they won't get a damn thing for themselves in return.
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Dec 4, 2007 @ 8:20 AM Is Unconditional Love Extinct?    

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^^^^^^^ Ditto. If it's something you're not both enjoying, you shouldn't be doing it.

But actually, I don't believe in unconditional romantic love, either as being possible or even as being a good thing. We don't just start loving someone randomly, there are things that make them more or less lovable to us, and these, by definition become conditions of that love. Our children and our parents aren't choices, but as noted, they're extensions of ourselves...I include parents because of the number of really, really nastily bad parents I've seen who are still loved and cared for by their children.
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Dec 4, 2007 @ 11:06 AM Is Unconditional Love Extinct?    

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Drs.. you never fail to make me laugh!
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Dec 4, 2007 @ 1:01 PM Is Unconditional Love Extinct?    

Posts: 31,993
BTW,lorelei - if you care to actually READ the thread before posting , you'll see for yourself that evryone is talking about how it would be nice to be RECEIVING unconditional love from the partner - and noone seems to be willing to be GIVING unconditional love to anyone but his/her own offsprings

I can read just fine, and did, Capital.

How can you comparing heartfelt love to a blowjob?
There is no comparison.

And yes, you DID say it.

People who love one another truly, whether it be parents, grandparents, children-even pets-will still love in bad AND good. They don't have to always like things their loved ones are doing. Call it what you will.

REAL love remains.
A blowjob only takes an hour.
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Dec 4, 2007 @ 1:09 PM Is Unconditional Love Extinct?    

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A whole hour? wow
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Dec 4, 2007 @ 7:50 PM Is Unconditional Love Extinct?    

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Everyone of us can have exactly the love we want...
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Dec 4, 2007 @ 8:36 PM Is Unconditional Love Extinct?    

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Capital...there are alot of people that believe in unconditional Love. Even if you and a few others do not think so. And I'm sorry, but I can not understand where sex came into the picture. You can have sex with anyone and that doesn't mean you Love them. Call me a dreamer or anything you want to call me...... I'm just happy that I'm not in the sad lonely, me against the world state of mind that many people sink themselves into.
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Dec 5, 2007 @ 3:40 PM Is Unconditional Love Extinct?    

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Unconditional love DOES exist.

Naysay it all you like, put as many conditions on it as you want, change it's value and it's texture.

It may not exist FOR YOU, but exist IT DOES.

I love you unconditionally.

Whoever you are.

I may not like something you say, or something you do; I may think you have some growing to do yet; I may suggest you seek professional counselling; or even think you should just stay far far away from all living beings......but I love you.

I love you for who you REALLY are, even though you may choose not to achieve that potential.

Just don't expect me to be stupid and put myself or my loved ones, or any other for that matter, in danger for someone who doesn't know what love really is....because I love us too.
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Dec 5, 2007 @ 3:42 PM Is Unconditional Love Extinct?    

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