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Are you ready to get married?

Aug 3, 2015 @ 11:52 AM Are you ready to get married?    

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Why do you know he got married, they must ring it? Because the ring is reminding me take patience, sacrifice. So, I'm sure they have enough confidence to go get married yet?

I'm a an innocent girl dreamer, I dream there was a sparkling wedding, be put on the white wedding dress floating abreast beloved party. It all takes place as you want. I dare assure you that!

But girl, I was willing to sacrifice pleasures of shopping and the restaurants hang her best friend to wear aprons everyday cooking meals for her husband's family (or at least the couple)?

Sacrifice the carefree beauty sitting in a hair salon, not wavy, curly hair, pink nail polish no longer popular and expensive brand name clothes anymore. Why? Simply put, you do not have time to go to beauty, her nails painted and scratched it a few minutes later because they have to worry any more housework, luxury goods it could not buy the mother with husband you glared Nguyet will lead "old" husband home such as "orchestrated to fish because the water"...see more at
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Oct 18, 2015 @ 1:44 PM Are you ready to get married?    

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Hell no! As fast as fast can be, ain't no woman fast enough to catch me.
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Nov 13, 2017 @ 3:59 PM Are you ready to get married?    

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Hello Man,
I felt so happy coming across your profile and i will like to tell you something about me.

My names are Rose from USA City: Walnut ridge State: Arkansas, single lady no kids, It’s not been too long I joined in and I want to find a caring and loving Man who i can spend my time with building on a relationship though i'm new to this online thing and am looking for someone that has the trust, someone who opens his mind, someone that will make my empty heart be filled with joy and happiness, someone i can share my moods, life, dreams hopes and plans with, someone very serious, caring and fearing man.. Having glance through your profile, I observed I could hardly ignore it, I have to send you a message telling you I would like to know more about you if you allow me.. {email address removed} ( i m on hangout rosegillen2013)

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Jan 18 @ 6:33 AM Are you ready to get married?    

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