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Letting Go Of A Toxic Relationship

Oct 1, 2017 @ 9:41 PM Letting Go Of A Toxic Relationship    

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Letting go of any relationship is difficult. Letting go of a toxic relationship is even more difficult. One never expects to get into a toxic relationship, and when you realize that you’re in a toxic relationship, it usually catches you by surprise.
The problem is, while we recognize a relationship as toxic, it is still quite difficult to convince ourselves to let go. One of the first things you need to remind yourself when you let go of a toxic relationship is that you are not weak for wanting to let go of the relationship. The signs of a toxic relationship can vary at times.

Sometimes they’re clear cut: you might be experiencing emotional and physical abuse, lying, and cheating. However, there may be times when you might not be sure if you are in a toxic relationship, but you do find yourself feeling something off about your whole relationship. This might be characterized by feeling lonely, despite being in a relationship, a feeling of not wanting to see your partner, or the feeling of a lack of intimacy between the both of you.

It is difficult to leave a relationship, even a toxic one, because of the fear that one might end up alone and unloved. However, once you have come to terms with the fact that you are in a toxic relationship, and have made the decision to leave, this gives you the strength to change your life with your own two hands for the better.

Sometimes being selfish is exactly what you need out of your life, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. You cannot keep living with the mentality that if you love your partner enough, they will be willing to change for you. If they were really willing to change themselves, they would have done so a long time ago.

If the relationship makes you feel bad, then it might be a bad relationship. Fight for your relationship if it’s still worth it, but if you find there’s no point, then allow yourself to let go. Sometimes our lives are not better by the people we keep in our lives, but by those we choose to let go to improve our lives.

Have you ever been in a toxic relationship? What advice can you give about getting over it? Send me a message, or leave a comment below, and we’ll talk about it!
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Oct 10, 2017 @ 12:40 AM Letting Go Of A Toxic Relationship    

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Leaving a relationship is not at all easy. I know how painful it is to get out of any relationship. My colleague recently divorced her husband by hiring a lawyer of France, Bechara Tarabay. Advocate Bechara Tarabay and his experience helped her through the entire process. She is trying to deal with the separation. Overcoming the pain of separation is not at all easy for her.
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Nov 10, 2017 @ 2:26 AM Letting Go Of A Toxic Relationship    

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My depression for personal experiences prior to my relationship with my now ex created a toxic relationship of 8 years. Well, the relationship was beautiful in the beginning obviously or else we would have not gotten together but then maybe a year or two into the relationship my world started to crumble and it turned me into a bitter person who reflected negatively on the world around me. I still believe I can be a better person because I have found God and spirituality. I have also realized that even if everything in the world is bad I should be seeing the beauty I have in the one person who loved me through it all and gave me a beautiful 6 year old son. She decided that I didn't love her enough to change even though I'm trying to convince her that I already made the change so now we are broken up but still living together. it is very hard and I don't know whether to keep fighting for the relationship or let go. I believe if she gave me the opportunity to gain her trust back in my love for her that it wouldn't be a "toxic" relationship ever again but she has already started allowing other men to be her "friend" and it is the worse feeling in the world to watch that happen in front of your eyes when you still love the person. I don't know what to do but that is also why I'm on this site. If I find my soulmate on here then so be it. If not I pray it is because God knows my sons mother is my soulmate and He touches her heart and mind to make her wake up and come back to me.

I love your posts by the way because they seem to relate to my current situation. Thank you for giving people like me an outlet to express themselves and possible network with like minded people going through the same experience. God Bless.
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